Sunshine Pond LLC provides a wide selection of pond and water feature services to fit your waterscape needs.

Waterscape Design – We capture inspiration from the various elements in the surroundings when creating a water feature.  We understand that a properly located and constructed water feature will give you hours of enjoyment, relaxation and ambiance. 

Waterscape Construction/Installation – The construction methods are designed in such a way as to seemingly disappear upon completion of the project.  A wild life pond will be designed to create the illusion that it was created by nature and blend seamlessly with its surroundings.  A waterfall and stream project will include the use of concrete, natural rock and gravel to beautifully mimic that found in nature.  Many additional features can be landscaped according to your preferences and may include; patios, gazebos, rockeries, garden paths, bridges or whatever you desire.

Water Gardens – Sunshine Pond LLC can create many different water garden forms from the smallest pebble pool to a huge man-made lake and anything in between.

Comprehensive Cleaning Service - includes renovating a garden pond or small lake to its former glory.  From a lake that needs taming, to an overgrown, weed-filled and silty pond we can make it beautiful again.  Before the service begins, we will give you a complete comprehensive appraisal.  

Pond Maintenance – includes a variety of services and prices to chose from and can be customized based on your needs; cutting back plants, general cleaning and maintenance of pumps, filters, ultra violet lights, repair and replacement of bulbs and pond lights, water quality tests, installation or replacement of Koi heaters, clarifiers, fish and food.