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Aquatic Landscaping in South Florida

Your lawn and garden is the first thing people see when they visit your property. Our custom aquatic landscapers are experienced with private and commercial properties throughout the area. We’re ready to beautify your outdoor space. Sunshine Pond LLC specializes in custom design and installation of water features: Fish Ponds, Fountains and Water Gardens.

We have designed, installed and maintained South Florida aquatic landscaping since 2006. Our family owned and operated business began as early as 1996 in New York City, and has operated in Miami for the last decade using our passion and dedication to create unique waterscapes for residential and commercial clients.

We provide a friendly and professional service with guaranteed results. Through artistry, craftsmen’s’ skills and experience, we will help you custom design natural pathways, ponds, streams and water gardens to you can enjoy your yard to its fullest. We advise our clients on the proper type of stone or material that is needed for the type of waterscape you dream of. We offer a full range of pond building expertise and design from concrete, deck and wildlife ponds to waterfalls and fountains. We use natural construction techniques and planting solutions ideal for creating a stunning natural feel and design.

Let our Aquatic Landscapers at Sunshine Pond give you the assistance that you need to get your property looking nice again. If you would like an onsite consultation, contact us with your availability today. We proudly serve clients throughout the Greater Miami area, Broward and West Palm Beach. For your convenience, we accept a variety of payment methods.